About Us

Who We Are!

Patrick J. Brady is an entrepreneur focusing on the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry. As Chief Executive Officer and Director of Sales he oversees operations and marketing in Arizona, California and Nevada. He has over 20 years experience in the industry and is the author of CRC's Technician Manual detailing the steps from new worker to Certified Technician. He believes one of the ongoing factors of growth and success of the company is a direct result of the large efforts put forth into training the Technicians. His vision is to be the leading regional company in the Southwest recognized for top-notch quality service provided by highly trained technicians with honesty, integrity and dedication to our clients.

Kathy Morissette is an administrative professional. As Office Manager for Cleaning Resource Center she oversees administrative functions for Arizona, California and Nevada and serves as assistant to the CEO. She has 20 years experience working in medical malpractice, bankruptcy and corporate law in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ. She completed her BS in Business Management in 2012 while working full-time. Her vision is to provide the professional level support required to achieve the vision identified by the CEO.

John Roman is a financial professional focusing the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry. As Chief Financial Officer with experience as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner he oversees the accounting and finance functions for operations in Arizona, California and Nevada. He has 50 years experience working in cost and general accounting for Allegheny Ludlum, US Steel, Babcock and Wilcox and many other clients as a private consultant. His vision is to provide the financial expertise required to support top-notch quality service with honesty, integrity and dedication to our clients.


What We Do!

The biggest question in this industry:

Is my current hood cleaning company cleaning just my hoods or the entire system?

A clean hood does not mean you have a clean exhaust system!

Many companies in this industry will send unqualified workers to your facility. We are in constant training and supervising of our night crews. The owners of this company "ride" with the night crews, or will show up at job sites unannounced. We have the technical equipment where we can produce a VCR tape, DVD or digital pictures. We can do this before and after each cleaning if required. There is an additional charge for this service.

Our experience and state of the art equipment enables us to clean the most difficult exhaust systems. In fact we specialize in cleaning systems most companies would walk away from. This includes high rise office buildings, we currently service one of the tallest buildings in downtown Phoenix. Some exhaust systems were poorly designed in providing adequate access for cleaning, CRC can clean them.

We specialize in Restaurant Hood Cleaning, but we are a full service cleaning company to meet many other needs.