Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning

Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning

Work in progress digital video upon request. We can provide a digital confirmation of cleaning for your records. This will also meet increasing demands from Insurance Companies, verifying cleaning.

We carry a variety of filters and other grease containment products to help prevent grease build up on roofs. We can install access doors in ductwork, we can also install hinge kits on exhaust fans  

CRC Kitchen Exhaust System digital picture requirements:

  1. Complete before pictures showing outside of hood(s).
  2. Complete before pictures of entire roof area around exhaust fans. (Including fans) from at least 2 opposite sides. Including any and all preexisting conditions and/or problems.
  3. Shot of the intakes and outlets including front and back side of fan blades of all fans cleaned.
  4. Picture of down risers from the roof for all systems
  5. Outside of all ductwork for horizontal runs only, with complete view of the inside of ductwork.
  6. Shots from the access panels. First shot toward fan with next picture Showing toward hood for each access panel
  7. Shots up the riser for each vertical from the hood to fan or horizontal from the hood that clearly see the all sides of the entire run from the hood
  8. Shot of the access panel after it is put back on with all screws/fasteners installed showing current certification sticker dated and initialed.
  9. Complete pictures of the back of the filter rail(s), and trough(s).
  10. Pictures for the completed hoods with filters out and another with the filters properly in place showing current certification sticker in place.

NOTE: The simplest system will have at least 18 pictures, the simplest system with any horizontal Requires at least 24 pictures, larger systems can take up as many as 50-80 pictures.

CRC will place a Hood Sticker after every cleaning. This is required by most regulatory agencies. Our sticker is not hand written in with dates. CRC's sticker is hole punched identifying the month your system was cleaned and the month the next cleaning is due.

CRC will place a Access Panel Sticker on every access door when it is removed per NFPA Code 96 11.6.10

What We Clean:

  • Exhaust Fan
  • All Connecting Ductwork from Hood to Fan
  • Plenum
  • Grease Trough
  • Filter Rails
  • Polish Hood
We leave your facility clean, while we remove the
source of fuel (grease) from the exhaust system