What We Do!

The biggest question in this industry:

Is my current hood cleaning company cleaning just my hoods or the entire system?

A clean hood does not mean you have a clean exhaust system!

Many companies in this industry will send unqualified workers to your facility. We are in constant training and supervising of our night crews. The owners of this company "ride" with the night crews, or will show up at job sites unannounced.

Our experience and state of the art equipment enables us to clean the most difficult exhaust systems. In fact we specialize in cleaning systems most companies would walk away from. This includes high rise office buildings, we currently service one of the tallest buildings in downtown Phoenix. Some exhaust systems were poorly designed in providing adequate access for cleaning, CRC can clean them.

We specialize in Restaurant Hood Cleaning, but we are a full service cleaning company that can meet many other needs. Just call and ask!!


Who We Are!

Patrick J. Brady

An entrepreneur focusing on the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry. As Chief Executive Officer and Director of Sales he oversees operations and marketing in Arizona, California and Nevada. He has over 20 years experience in the industry and is the author of CRC's Technician Manual detailing the steps from new worker to Certified Technician.

Patrick believes one of the ongoing factors of growth and success of the company is a direct result of the large efforts put forth into training the Technicians. His vision is to be the leading regional company in the Southwest recognized for top-notch quality service provided by highly trained technicians with honesty, integrity and dedication to our clients.


Samuel L. Perez

“Our goal isn’t to simply sell our services, we want to build relationships that produce win-win-win situations; our customers win, our employees win and our business wins.” – Sam

Sam Perez is an Arizona native with a collective 5 years of experience in the fire safety industry. At age 19 Sam was power washing kitchen exhaust fans and hoods and was able to learn the ins and outs of how the service is performed. By the time he was 23 he was selling hood cleaning services and performing quality assurance inspections on current customers. After taking a break from the fire safety industry for 2 years, Sam returned to his roots and was hired on by the Cleaning Resource Center (CRC) as the Operations Manager.

At age 26 Sam has accomplished an AAS in Criminal Administration (Phoenix College), a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies (Grand Canyon University), 2-years in Law Enforcement and a Master’s degree in Leadership (Grand Canyon University).

Sam’s drive and dedication to grow both in his career and personally are what make him a good fit for the CRC team; he pushes everyone around him to reach their highest potential.

Sam knows the standards set by NFPA 96 for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and he understands how devalued the hood cleaning service can be. So he works closely with our customers and educates them to help them make the best decisions for their business, while maintaining the Kitchen Exhaust System up to code.


Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the Service Manager for the California, Las Vegas and Utah region. With over 12 years experience in the industry, he has tackled the biggest, most intricate jobs from schools, hospitals, and prisons to small family owned restaurants. His vision is to provide quality service with integrity and dedication to our customers.